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AHSUPER, located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, is a supplier of high quality cationic surface active agents(Cationic Surfactants) specializing in Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC/QUATS) like quaternary ammonium salts, quaternary ammonium hydroxides, quaternary phosphonium compounds, etc. AHSUPER is a leading manufacturer and exporter with more than 200 products. AHSUPER can supply both standard and customized products, as well as OEM with private labels and packages.

AHSUPER supplied the fullest range of cationic surfactants in China. Our customers can be supported by not only almost all product series but also all lots from kilogram to ton lots. Both our own warehouse and factory’s inventory can do the best to ensure lot batch reserve to minimize sampling incoming inspection. Regular products under 1*20’FCL can be shipped within 7 days. 

What’s more, AHSUPER also provided customized synthesis products and our custom products are increasing every year......

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